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Adopting Artificial Intelligence Culture Course



Many business leaders are contemplating whether and/or how to introduce Artificial Intelligence into their organizations. The challenges of implementing AI are much discussed, but beyond implementation, there is a far more important question: How do you generate competitive advantage from AI’s application and remain ethical at the same time? Trust in AI or a lack of it is emerging as the biggest barrier to adoption of machine learning in enterprises. Business leaders must understand the […]

Artificial Intelligence Masterclass Course



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term for simulated intelligence in machines. These machines are programmed to “think” like a human and mimic the way a person would act. Although we are at the very beginning of what AI can achieve, we are already experiencing its increasing presence. From Apple’s Siri to self-driving cars, AI is progressing rapidly and is being weaved into our business practices. Ignorance of this trend will degrade the competitive advantages of companies. Keeping aware of […]

Artificial Intelligence Projects Course



Design Thinking for Artificial Intelligence Projects introduces MW’s approach to artificial intelligence projects using a unique agile project management and design thinking approach to complex problems. The course first takes a high-level view of the interesting realm of AI that poses one of the greatest opportunities and threats to humankind. Although we are at the very beginning of what artificial intelligence can achieve, we are already experiencing its increasing presence. Businesses need […]

Business Blockchain Course



Blockchain is the current technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, open software platforms like Ethereum, and disruptive financial companies like Ripple. Though it’s best known as the technology that drives Bitcoin and other digital currencies, Blockchain has more uses than just transactions and currencies. In simple terms, a Blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block […]

Business Development with FinTech and Blockchain Technologies



FinTech is a term used to describe financial technology, wherever the industry provides financial services with any kind of technology. In the age of modern technology, FinTech continues to be a popular focus on financial markets. It can also be used to help companies manage their business’ financial functions, including software and applications for anything from mobile payment applications to cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency has used a lot in FinTech to secure sensitive […]

Certified Business Technology Course



As businesses are revolutionized by technology, opportunities and challenges are bound to arise. To make full advantage of technology and harness it into your business is not an easy task, therefore, MW is offering a Certified Business Technology Course to train and empower your business for the latest technological advancements in business. With digital transformation, products and business models in today’s competitive environment are increasingly being transformed by […]

Certified Cyber Crime Awareness Course



The dawn of the digital age brings about both opportunities and challenges for organizations and businesses. To address the threats and vulnerabilities of the cyber world, MW offers comprehensive Cyber Security awareness pieces of training to empower organizations and their staff to be aware of the latest cyber threats and impart them with relevant skills to implement the very best security protection practices. This exclusive MW Certified Cyber Crime Awareness Course is […]

Certified Cyber Terrorism Defense Course



The dawn of the digital age brings about both opportunities and challenges for organizations and businesses as threats and vulnerabilities of the cyber world emerge to exploit and disrupt, MW offers comprehensive Cyber Terrorism Defense course to empower organizations on methods to deter and protect. This exclusive Cyber Terrorism Defense Course is designed to educate participants with the knowledge of cyber crime which threatens society. This course is to provide practical and […]

Certified Digital Marketing Course



Ever wondered how you can promote your business online effectively but unsure of how you can fully utilize the online platform to bring your business to greater heights? Digital Marketing is known to be one of the most powerful methods to generate leads for your business and for people to be aware of your products & services. MW is offering this Digital Marketing Course where we train and educate you on how to take advantage of using digital marketing into your day to day business. Digital […]

Certified Kali Linux Course



Kali Linux is an open-source Debian based Linux operating system aimed at providing forensics analysis and security auditing. With more than 600 penetration testing tools available on Kali Linux one would wonder how to efficiently harness the strength of this powerful tool. Therefore, MW is offering this Certified Kali Linux Course where we train and educate you on how to utilize Kali Linux to your best abilities. This exclusive Certified Kali Linux is designed to provide an optimized learning experience so […]

Certified Practical SQL Course



In the world where we data holds critical information; we must be aware that databases are what holds all this information together into a demographic used in analysis. MW is offering this Practical SQL Course where we train and educate you on how you can be trained to handle databases and how to structure them in the most optimized way possible. This exclusive Certified Practical SQL Course is designed for you by our certified trainer to understand how to develop and build an optimized […]

Enhanced Business Infrastructure with Cloud Computing and IoT



Cloud computing is no longer just a technological skill for computer professionals who need to strengthen their technical skills. With the tremendous advancement in cloud computing over the last decade, it’s now been integrated into multiple industries to enhance their business infrastructure. As more and more companies start or transition into cloud computing, every individual must understand cloud space and its impact on all aspects of an organization. Next, the Internet of Things, also commonly known […]

Full Stack Web Developer Course


Close-up image of programmer working at his desk in office

Want to learn the fundamentals of web development? Want to materialize your ideas into something real? With our Full Stack Web Developer Course, we’ll show you how to go from having no prior programming knowledge to creating your beautiful websites from using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and node.js and other web development languages! Even if you know nothing about coding or mark-up languages and want to get started in being a web developer, look no further! Web design is made up of […]

Harnessing Chatbots in Current Business



Chatbots on the mobile apps or websites are becoming a popular method to interact and service an organization’s customers. This course will guide you on how you can build & harness a basic Chatbot into your business. This course is designed for organizations wanting to build and launch a Chatbot service on their web or as a mobile service. Completing a diversified range of tasks, AI and Chatbots have become a norm in our everyday life. This technology has played an important role in […]

Introduction to Cloud Computing



Cloud computing has become one of the key technologies in transforming the digital sector in many ways possible as the demand for cloud computing requires skills in providing solutions for users, professionals are required to understand the fundamentals of cloud computing, the benefits of cloud computing as well as utilizing cloud computing into achieving business objectives. This course will touch on the concept of cloud computing, how cloud computing provides solutions and the […]

Introduction to Modern IT, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain



The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding at a rapid pace, and it is becoming an important factor for business transformation. Along with the growth of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology, professionals need to understand what these are and how they harness the power of these advancing technologies in their business. This course will study the concept of IoT, AI as well as Blockchain. How the Internet of Things is made up of, how Blockchain & AI connect with the IoT, how […]

Unleash your Potential with Python Programming



In today’s digital era and all the SMART technology or gadgets around us, Python Programming is becoming a popular programming language used to code most of the latest software or mobile applications. Python is an interpreted object-oriented programming language and a high-level programming language built with data structures. It is commonly used for web development (server-side), software development, mathematics, system scripting, etc. In addition to the growth of […]

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