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Adapting & Emerging in Disruptive Market



Digital transformation is an insistent buzz everywhere, in virtually every industry. Disruptive innovation requires staying connected with technological advances in your industry so you can stay one step ahead. You want to disrupt instead of being disrupted, which is crucial to mark on the competitions & challengers as well. This course will look at how disruption is a force to be reckoned with as it is shaping the corporate landscape exponentially. Organizations today have to be driven in […]

Adapting Digital Strategies



Learn how transformation technology can fit into your business. Creating value, adopting strategies, and improving AI strategies that help businesses create a new structure with digital strategies. Bringing forth new business trends that align with the current market trends and demands. We will look at how digital adoption is becoming an upcoming trend as that allows you to understand the potential of digital resources and how they can be utilized in business, managing and deploying resources to […]

Adopting the AGILE WAY Professionally with Minimum Cost



The AGILE methodology is a process by which a team can manage a project by breaking it up into several stages and constantly improving it. We believes that by recognizing and applying the agile method in projects, you will be able to use different tactics and compare the agile triangle of constraints with that of traditional project management. We will guide you the know-how to implement Agile frameworks into your business and understand the organizational impact to provide the value of […]

Business Continuity Strategies



Business Continuity Strategies introduces the fundamentals of the Business Continuity planning process which includes managing projects in BCM, analyzing business risks and impacts, evaluating appropriate strategies, developing BCM plans, testing and exercising the plans, and managing the BCM programme. Business continuity means maintaining business functions or resuming business in the event of a major disruption, we will touch on how we can regain position in situations […]

Digital Platforms, The Next Big Thing



The enterprise world is changing faster than ever. To compete, it is now necessary to do business at an almost unprecedented size and scale. To achieve this scale, winning companies are establishing digital platforms that extend their organizational boundaries. But what is the right way to build these platforms? In this course, we will learn the fundamentals of digital transformation, identify why platforms are supporting products to achieve better results, and how your business can benefit from a […]

Embracing Growth with Digital Business Roadmap



With new digital technologies come opportunities for low and middle-income countries to diversify their economies, create new jobs, transform agriculture, and improve health and education. But digital technologies can also entrench exclusion and disrupt peoples’ livelihoods. This short course investigates why having an extensive, flexible digital roadmap in place is key to guiding your organization’s goals through digital initiatives. A digital roadmap is a set of guidelines that outlines what goals a […]

Identifying Business Growth Opportunities



Innovation is the core of the economy and organizations today. Any innovation or business venture originates from the discovery of new market opportunities. One thing we need to learn is that driving in consistent, profitable revenue growth is one of the most prominent challenges that all business and marketing leaders face as consistency is the main key factor for business growth. Many companies can produce substantial revenue for a set duration. But it’s difficult to consistently generate […]

Lead Effective Meetings & Produce Results with the MW Methodology



Every one dreads meetings as it is often hour-long displays of the office politics & power play. The actual work of discussing options and coming to a solution is usually cast to side conversations after meetings. The key is to make meetings productive, setting goals, and not delay the problems from being unsolved by banding heads together to solve business problems together. MW believes that effectively leading meetings and engaging the participants will be able to achieve the intended […]

Leadership & Vital Business Skills



Leadership is extremely important for every company because it is the main driver for achieving goals through innovation. With good leadership guiding a team, companies thrive and evaluate risks for the company’s growth. On the contrary, poor leadership hinders organizational success which might result in failed execution. Making decisions is an everyday activity for business leaders. Some decisions are quick, some are for the long term, while others require more precise plannings […]

Reinventing Business with Enhanced Capabilities



Growth is a critical driver of performance. Even as industry boundaries blur and the shift to emerging markets increases. To have an advantage edge over the market, players evolve and adapt to changes in which skill sets such as business trends and capabilities are to improve and adapt to the changing times. In this course, we will look at how by reinventing is not simply just taking a product and putting it on an e-commerce site or digitizing a customer service/experience counted as a digital […]

Understanding Disruptive Innovations



Disruptive Innovation refers to applying technology to affect how the way a market or industry functions. From learning the different disruptive business models in order to tackle current business trends to understanding the disruptive competition for a better edge. In this course, we will learn that disruptive innovation is often driven by needs and resources. As we have seen our fair share of innovation, some traditional industries are finding themselves in a wide, ready marketplace for their own new […]

Understanding the Exceptional Mindset in Becoming an Achiever



Professionalism is one of the main factors contributing to good self-management. Be respectful to your co-workers as everyone has to be heard contributing to business problem-solving. Professionals team leaders put team members at ease when they are leading the team to success. At MW we believe that a motivated & positive work environment contributes to the success of the workplace. This course will cover the methods of how managers and leaders can use to an encouraging & positive […]

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