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Our products are rock stars. It’s no wonder MWG has won over 100 educational awards and is featured in publications like Aventis, Murdoch University, Kaplan Singapore, University of Oxford and more.

Your Future Starts Here.

We are confident that your future with us will be bright because you deserve to shine. Enroll in the most trendy and high-demand courses and enjoy the benefit of using us as your learning platform.

Customized Training for Everyone

From one-size-fits-all to one-size-fits-me! Because everyone’s training need is different, at MW we celebrate the uniqueness that makes you, the real you. Applicable, no nonsense training is at the heart of MW’s DNA.

With the broadest range of customizable educational products to date, we make it easy for you to give your life exactly what it needs, when it needs it. Let us show you the direction.


Education and Technology = EduTech. It’s an unbeatable combination

Here’s where innovation and mindset conspire.

MW fuses the latest technologies, decades of training research and your current environmental and lifestyle factors to determine what your learning path truly needs.

Up to 80% of your failure is affected by our internal weaknesses and environmental factors. ‘My Wisdom Path Finder’ – MW’s proprietary diagnostic tool developed by MW scientists based on decades of mindset research evaluates your life learning direction through a quick and intuitive interview.

Proprietary learning method from Singapore

Here’s a SECRET we are willing to spill.

All of our signature trainings boast our proprietary learning technology from Singapore, the top 10 countries in the world for business, education and technology. These future-inspired trainings reduce your knowledge gaps, improve your skills, and set you on a path for your maximum results.

MW’s custom trainings are versatile and compatible with any training product. Add your attendance to our trainings as part of your life goals! The possibilities are endless!


A brand loved by millions across the globe

MW has online presence in over 78 cities in Asia, Europe and the United States. With more than 200 affiliates across our concept stores, no-nonsense practical training is always within your reach.

High Demand Customized Training for You

Our Business Technology Expert highly recommends these courses, and they are the most popular among our students, trainers, as well as our team members.

Customized Training – Management Skills

Leadership & Vital Business Skills

Leadership is extremely important for every company because it is the main driver for achieving goals through innovation. With good leadership guiding a team […]

Customized Training – Technology Skills

Artificial Intelligence Projects Course

Design Thinking for Artificial Intelligence Projects introduces MW’s approach to artificial intelligence projects using a unique agile project management and […]

Customized Training – Technology Skills

Certified Business Technology Course

The dawn of the digital age brings about both opportunities and challenges for organizations and businesses as threats and vulnerabilities of the cyber world […]

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