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If you are looking for the Secret to Massive Wisdom Partnership Programme success, it’s in our Mission.

A message from the CEO.

When we first started the Massive Wisdom Partnership Programme, we established a mission that would guide our activities and focus throughout the future. It is a simple yet meaningful statement that endeavor to solve many income issues for our partners in one goal. And it was from our hearts, how we felt and what we wanted to do and be. More importantly, we were passionate about it. Contrary to other motherhood mission statements that you often see in hallways of other companies, everyone in the company knows what our mission is. It has been effective and efficient in guiding our activities and our undivided focus. More than ever, it has been very rewarding to see our mission fulfilled again and again.

“To help partners create sustainable business by helping them with wisdom to reach their goals massively”. Sound simple but the pinnacle of success is the ability to make complex things simple. Once you realize that true success is when you help others reach their goals, you will join many of our partners who are enjoying the fruits of their efforts in helping others. Helping others does not mean doing it for them but rather, we skill then up with the right education from the start. It’s always much better to do the right things first than to make things right later.

Many people do have dreams in their younger days but are still looking (for years) for a helping hand to lead them in achieving their goals, like a boat to take them to the other shore. All we need is to get them to row the boat together with you using our systems in our programme.

We invite you to join us in our Massive Wisdom Partnership Programme to make sustainable businesses meaningful and profitable by helping others reach their goals from doing great business massively.


Alvin Lam

Here’s the parts of the secret source:


1. Find out what their goals are. Once we find out the “why” behind their goals, we will understand the drivers of their motivations.

Those Around You

2. It’s not about you first. It’s about those around you in the past, present and future. It’s about the value you bring to their success in this programme.

Reward of Helping

3. Then it’s about you. The reward of helping others reach their goals in this programme is far greater than your individual rewards.

Achieve Together

4. Our business model is structured in such a way that when your partners win, you win. And we all win together. The key is to gather people with dreams we help them achieve those goals in this programme

Great Products, Greater Prices

5. Great products at great prices. The reason many are choosing Massive Wisdom Partnership Programme over traditional brands is quite simple. Many providers are yielding to the tremendous pressures in today’s marketplace to cut prices and therefore cut quality. They are forced to lower their price on the one hand and to maintain profit margins on the other. The only answer for these providers is to quick fix solutions such as lower labor costs, dependence on grants, outsourcing, mass marketing, etc – it’s a downward spiral business model. On the contrary, the demand for our superior products makes building a Massive Wisdom Partnership Programme business even more profitable and more rewarding.

Our Success Factor! 


“State of the art technological advantage

Priority in growing TOGETHER”

we create platforms to SUCCESS“ 

Build our OWN BRANDING” 

“Asia’s NUMBER 1 partner programme platform”

Partner Programme

 As our programme partner we work towards making big things happen together!

Fast Growth

We grow fast to develop an infrastructure to recruit train and support. Stability comes with growth. 


With technological backings and market knowledge background, Expansion is easier and faster!

Benefits of Massive Wisdom

At Massive Wisdom, we prioritize in giving you the best partner programme experience!

New Opportunities 

Enable opportunities to gain new expertise as we facilitate OUR growth towards sucess 

Entering New Markets 

We enable OUR BUSINESSES to enter new geographic markets 

Profitable Business models

An opportunity where you have the ability to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the industry.

Our Programmes 

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Kids Programming Courses aims to support children in their growth in learning coding as a passion & profession.

Digital Marketing 

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